Support Options

Public Forum

Auth0 offers support for all subscribers. All customers, even on free accounts, can use our public discussion forum to receive support from our engineers and search existing questions.

Support Center

Additionally, subscribers can create a private ticket via Support Center. All account administrators will be able to view and add comments to Support Center tickets. Support Center can be accessed by clicking on the Get Support link on the dashboard.

Learn more about creating tickets with Support Center

Ticket Response Times

Ticket response times will vary based on your support plan (shown below). Additionally, our platinum support customers will be provided a support phone number.

Free Subscriptions Gold/Silver/Home Grown Subscriptions Platinum Support
Ticket Prioritization Lowest Normal Prioritized
Business Hours M-F 7am-7pm M-F 7am-7pm Standard Issues: M-F 7am-7pm / Critical Outages: 24/7
First Response Time 2-5 Business Days 24 hours Standard Issues: 3 hours / Critical Outages: 1 hour
Subsequent Response Time 2-5 Business Days 48 hours Standard Issues: 24 hours / Critical Outages: ongoing
Discussion Forum Yes Yes Yes
Ticketed Support Limited Yes Yes
Phone Support No No Yes

If you have specific support requirements or are interested in the Platinum Support option, please contact sales.

Every effort will be made to respond sooner than the times listed above. However, some types of problems such as development issues that require us to install software to duplicate a problem, may take time due to the research and work required.