Auth0 Support

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Support Plans About different levels of Auth0 support.
Support Channels The different ways to contact Auth0 support.
Support Procedures About defect resolution and unsupported requests.
Support Hours and Languages When and in what languages you can get support.
Whitehat Security Support Tickets How to report a security issue.
Product Support Matrix About support coverage for browsers, operating systems, and Auth0 libraries and SDKs.
Service Levels About Auth0 service levels and service level agreements (SLAs) for public and private cloud deployments.
Support Tickets How to open and manage Auth0 support tickets.
Support Center Users How to manage your support center users.
Subscriptions How to manage your Auth0 subscription.
Software Updates How your version of Auth0 updates.
Operational Policies About Auth0 operational policies including billing, data export and transfer, API endpoints, load and penetration testing, migrations, rate limits and much more.
Changelog About the latest updates and additions to the Auth0 platform.