Support Options

Support Options

The following page contains information about the Auth0 support program.

Support Options Overview

Auth0 offers the following support plans:

Community Support Customers with Auth0's free subscription plan can seek support through the Auth0 Community.
Standard Support For customers with a paid (non-Enterprise) subscription plan or those in the initial trial period.
Enterprise Support For customers with an Enterprise subscription plan.
Premier Support For customers with an Enterprise subscription plan that have added the Premier Support option.
Preferred Support For customers with an Enterprise subscription plan that have added the Preferred Support option. This offering is no longer for sale.

Community Support

Customers with Auth0's free community subscription plan can seek support through the Auth0 Community. Response times may vary and are not guaranteed.

If you have a free account and your account has been compromised, please post in Community and reach out to us via DM on Twitter.

Trial Subscriptions

New Auth0 customers receive Standard Support during the 22-day trial period (customers may check on how many trial days they have left by logging into the Dashboard).

At the end of the trial period, customers who have not opted to purchase a paid subscription can use the Auth0 Community for assistance. They will no longer be able to access or open tickets in the Support Center.

Standard Support

Customers with a paid Auth0 subscription plan receive Standard Support, which offers access to the following channels:

  • Auth0 Community;
  • Auth0 Support Center.

The Auth0 Support Center offers ticketed support, where support specialists are available to provide assistance.

Enterprise Support (with or without Premier Support)

Customers with an Enterprise Subscription Plan receive extended support hours for outages, quicker response times, and access to the Customer Success Team.

Support Channels

Auth0 offers the following support channels.

Auth0 Community

Auth0's public question and answer community offers support for all subscribers. All customers, even those on free tenants, can search through existing questions and post a new question if theirs hasn't been answered. There are no guaranteed response times for questions posted.

Support Center

In addition to the Auth0 Community, paid subscribers can create a private ticket via Support Center. All tenant administrators will be able to view and add comments to Support Center tickets. Support Center can be accessed by clicking on the Get Support link on the dashboard.

Learn more about creating tickets with Support Center

Critical Production issues should always be reported via the Support Center for fastest response.

Add Support-Only Users

You can add support-only users to your Auth0 tenant. This will allow them to open, view, and comment on Support Center tickets, receive relevant notifications, and see service details. They do not, however, have full administration access to the Auth0 Dashboard.

To add one or more support-only users, go to Support Center. Click on your name in the top right, and click Invite Users to Support Center. Note that only tenant administrators with All Applications access can add Support-Only users.

If this is the first time you've used this feature or there are no support-only users, you'll be redirected immediately to a screen that allows you to invite users.

Provide the user's email address, select the Auth0 service to which they should have support access, and click Send Invitation. Auth0 will then send the user an email inviting them to register for and log into the Support Center.

Administrative accounts will be able to see details about support-only accounts.

Using this page, you can:

  • Search for users;
  • See the account details for users;
  • Revoke privileges.

Program Features

Your Sales Order will indicate whether you are subscribed to the Standard Support Program, Enterprise Support Program, or Premier Support Program.

The following features are provided with every support plan:

  • Answer questions concerning usage issues related to Auth0 Platform specific features, options and configurations
  • Provide initial and high-level suggestions regarding the appropriate usage, features, or solution configurations for the particular type of reporting, analysis, or functionality
  • Isolate, document, and find alternative solutions for reported Defects
  • Work with Auth0 Operations, Product, Software Development, and QA staff to submit Change Requests, Enhancement Requests, and provide Fixes for the Auth0 Platform as necessary
  • Address your concerns with online or printed documentation, providing additional examples or explanation for concepts requiring clarification
  • Access to online release notes for Updates
  • Access to Auth0’s online library of Support webinars and knowledgebase
  • Access to Auth0’s Customer Community forums to collaborate with fellow Auth0 customers

The following table describes feature differences of each Auth0 support plan:

Support Feature Standard Enterprise Preferred Premier
Enhanced Response Times No Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced Hours of Support No Yes Yes Yes
Ticket Review No No Yes Yes
Phone Support No No No Yes
Dedicated team of Developer Support Engineers No No No Yes

Defect Resolution Procedures

Auth0 will assign all Defects one of four response priorities, dependent upon the problems caused by the Defect. Auth0 may re-assign prioritization levels assigned by you in Auth0’s trouble ticketing system, to reflect the problem descriptions below. Auth0’s assignment will be consistent with the problem descriptions described below. Priority categories are as follows:

Severity Level Description
1 (Urgent) Emergency Issue. Defect resulting in full or partial system outage or a condition that makes the Auth0 Platform unusable or unavailable in production for all of your Users.
2 (High) Significant Business Impact. Defect resulting in a condition where major functionality is impacted or significant performance degradation is experienced; issue is persistent and affects many Users and/or major functionality.
3 (Normal) Minor Feature / Function Issue / General Question. Defect results in a component of the Auth0 Platform not performing as expected or documented or an inquiry by your representatives regarding general technical issues/questions
4 (Low) Minor Problem / Enhancement Request. Information requested on Auth0 Platform capabilities, navigation, installation, or configuration; enhancement request.

Defect Responses

The priority of a Defect will dictate the timing and nature of the response as specified in the table below:

Defect Severity Level & Business Impact Standard Target Response Time Enterprise Target Response Time Preferred Target Response Time (no longer for sale) Premier Target Response Time Solution Definition (one or more of the following)
1 (Urgent)
Emergency Issue
1 business hour
30 minutes
30 minutes
30 minutes
  • Issue is resolved.
  • Workaround is provided.
  • Fix is provided.
  • Fix incorporated into future release.
2 (High)
Significant Business Impact
4 business hours
6AM to 6PM, Mon to Fri (local time)
2 hours
24 hours a day, Mon to Fri (local time)
1 hour
24 hours a day, Mon to Fri (local time)
1 hour
  • Issue is resolved.
  • Workaround is provided.
  • Fix is provided.
  • Fix incorporated into future release.
3 (Normal)
Minor Feature / Function Issue, General Question
1 business day
6AM to 6PM, Mon to Fri (local time)
12 hours
24 hours a day, Mon to Fri (local time)
8 hours
24 hours a day, Mon to Fri (local time)
8 hours
  • Issue is resolved.
  • Workaround is provided.
  • Fix incorporated into future release.
  • Answer to question is provided.
4 (Low)
Minor Problem, Enhancement Request
2 business days
6AM to 6PM, Mon to Fri (local time)
24 hours
24 hours a day, Mon to Fri (local time)
12 hours
24 hours a day, Mon to Fri (local time)
8 hours
  • Answer to question is provided.
  • Enhancement request logged.

Program Hours

Auth0 will provide support for Severity Level 1 Defects on a 24x7x365 basis.

For all other defects, Auth0 will provide support during the hours specified below:

Standard Enterprise/Preferred Premier
6AM to 6PM (your local time) Monday to Friday 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday (your local time) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Support Languages

We provide all technical support in English, but we will make an effort to accommodate other languages if possible.


During the Subscription Term, Auth0 will provide or install Updates if and when they are made generally commercially available by Auth0 to its customers, at no additional cost to you.


For pricing information on Auth0's subscription plans, please see Pricing Page or your Tenant Settings.

Auth0 Status

The Auth0 status page contains information on current production status and will be updated during an outage. After an outage, a root-cause analysis is performed and made available via the page.

Please check the status page before filing a ticket. If the status page contains a notification about an outage, our team will already be working on restoring service as quickly as possible. Once the issue is resolved, the status page will be updated to reflect that. There is a button on the page to subscribe to notifications of any changes. A root-cause analysis will be published to the status page once an investigation has been done.

Whitehat Support Tickets

All customers, even those with free subscription plans, may report security concerns via Auth0 Whitehat.

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